On the sidelines: Meet a Red Cross volunteer for the Boston Marathon

Red Cross volunteers prepare for the Boston Marathon. PHOTO BY KAT POWERS

From blisters to heat exhaustion, Josh Del Viscovo has seen it all along the 26.2-mile Boston Marathon course.

For the past 10 years, the licensed EMT from Abington and special education teacher at Brockton High School has been an American Red Cross volunteer at the race’s first aid stations. This year he managed a response team at Station 10 in Newton.

“We are seeing people at their worse when they are pushing their bodies to the extreme,” he said. “I could never run a Boston Marathon. I can’t run 26 feet let alone 26 miles.”

His volunteer work for the American Red Cross continues because of the organization’s message.

The Red Cross supplies medical aid stations at more than 20 locations, strategically located along the course. Each tent is staffed with a variety of medical professionals. Basic first aid is provided, along with assistance for any medical situation requiring transport to one of four hospitals along the route.

“It’s one of the few organizations that a big portion of it is run by volunteers effectively,” he said. “The Red Cross has always been a symbol of prominence.”

Josh joins an incredible fleet of first aid volunteers who made this year’s Boston Marathon a safe and great success. We are so grateful for our American Red Cross volunteers!


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