Training with the Red Cross first aid team: Ice Tacos

Hundreds of Red Crossers were on hand today to assist runners at the Boston Marathon. It was hot — very hot — and among the problems runners face in great heat is having a core temperature so high the body stops functioning properly. In that case, the best thing to do is to get the runner into an immersion bath of ice — a kiddie pool of ice works just fine.

But if you don’t have a kiddie pool? Think ice taco.

OK, background: Red Cross folks don’t like to sit around very much, so after the first aid tents get set up along the Boston Marathon route, folks start running training exercises, just in case the worst happens. Red Crossers are prepared for the worst and delighted when it doesn’t happen.

Above, Maggie Bates-Rocco (who is a moleskin expert, for you nurses out there) played the victim of heatstroke. The idea is to put her on a tarp, hold up the ends like it’s a taco, and pour water in.

See video below. It’s actually quite smart. It just has a silly name.


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