POLL: How prepared are you?

Jamie Lee Curtis has an emergency kit, do you?

Natural disasters occur every year all throughout the United States.  Natural diasters are often random and unpredicatble but being prepared can alleviate the damage done to both you and the people around you.  Preparedness is the best way to survive a natural diaster and a emergency kit or “go bag.”  Go bags can vary and should be customized to suit you and your specific environment.  All go bags should contain essentials to survival for at least 72 hours.  It should contain food, water, and a source of heat and light. 

Here is an video example of a useful and effective go bag: 72 hour kit

Even celebrities are preparing go bags:

Wyclef Jean

Martina Navratilova

Jamie Lee Curtis

It is important to know your area and be familiar with the envirnomental obstacles that can occur as a result of natural diaster. 

Hurricane go bag 

Cold weather go bag

 Even pets should have a go bag!

Pet safety

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