What’s in your American Red Cross go bag? There’s an app for that.

We are beyond excited to share with you a new interactive way to get prepared with the American Red Cross of Eastern Massachusetts.

Now presenting a mobile web app for the American Red Cross of Eastern Massachusetts and beyond to promote disaster preparedness. Called “Build a Go Bag,” the mobile function will allow users to put together an emergency kit – or “go bag” – online and share its customized contents with your friends online. Learn about what you should have ready in case of an emergency, check off the items you already have, and build a shopping list for what you still need!

The mobile app is a result of working with a team from the Boston Innovation Challenge – a two-week mobile hacking mission with local coders, designers and business developers with a desire to improve causes like the Red Cross in the technology world – and a step closer to bringing more awareness and engagement to the wired generation.  

“We’re delighted others through the Boston Innovation Challenge are joining in our humanitarian mission,” said American Red Cross of Eastern Massachusetts Director of Communications Kat Powers.

So you’ve got some survival items like extra batteries, a first aid kit, flashlight, and weather radio, but be sure to personalize it with your own needs in case of an emergency. A deck of cards to pass the time? Dog treats to keep your canine entertained? An extra makeup bag just in case? We want to know what makes your go bag unique!


So, what’s in your go bag? Go to www.mygobag.org on your smartphone and use this app to post your contents on Facebook. Tweet them to your followers using the #GoRedCross hashtag. You can even send photos or videos of your go bag to easternmasspr@redcross.org! This app is meant to be fun and informative, so go for it, and spread the word! We want eveveryone to be Red Cross Ready.


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