Sun, Fun, and Saving Lives: Become an American Red Cross Lifeguard this summer!

So we have all seen or heard of Baywatch before but have you actually thought about becoming a real-life certified lifeguard? Becoming a lifeguard is a rewarding, fun, and highly demanded summer job that puts you in the position to save lives.  

Lifeguards are responsible for the safety and rescue of people in a defined body of water, such as a swimming pool or a swimming area in a lake, as well as in the area immediately surrounding the body of water (the deck around a swimming pool or the beach next to a lake). Here at the American Red Cross of Eastern Massachusetts, the ultimate goal of a lifeguard is to “prevent, prepare for, and respond to (water-related) emergencies.”

And, who knows, maybe you get to act like David Hasselhoff in the greatest chase scene ever! Jokes aside, becoming a lifeguard is a rewarding experience but the work is serious.  American Red Cross lifeguards are literally considered “guards of life,” guarding the lives of the children and adults at their swimming venue. 

Extensive and comprehensive training is available to individuals 15 and older* and covers such aspects as CPR/AED, First Aid, surveillance and rescue skills, and risk management, and hands-on practice both in and out of the swimming pool.

In 2011, at the American Red Cross of Eastern Massachusetts, 25,661 volunteers were trained in life-guarding and water safety. 

So if you have a passion for helping others, becoming certified as an American Red Cross lifeguard and pursing a job may be a great way to spend your summer. To find upcoming life-guarding classes, swim lessons, or water safety instructor courses click here.

*Tweens and teens between the ages of nine and 15 can train to become junior lifeguards, a position that allows them to learn from and work with experienced lifeguards in preparation for eventually receiving their lifeguard certification.


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