Tornado watch issued in Western Massachusetts: Are you Red Cross Ready?

American Red Cross volunteers assist families in Springfield last year during the tornado that struck the area.

A tornado watch has been issued by the National Weather Service for portions of Western Massachusetts.

While we cannot predict this weather will have an impact on our Eastern Massachusetts region, you should know what to do to prepare, what to do if it’s threatening, and what to do afterwards. Also, be sure to know the difference in tornado alerts.

Tornado Watch

Tornadoes are possible in and near the watch area. Review and discuss your emergency plans, and check supplies and your safe room. Be ready to act quickly if a warning is issued or you suspect a tornado is approaching. Acting early helps to save lives!

Tornado Warning

A tornado has been sighted or indicated by weather radar. Tornado warnings indicate imminent danger to life and property. Go immediately underground to a basement, storm cellar or an interior room (closet, hallway or bathroom).

 How to Prepare for a Tornado

  • During any storm, listen to local news or a NOAAWeather Radio to stay informed about watches and warnings.
  • Know your community’s warning system.
  • Pick a safe room in your home where household members and pets may gather during a tornado. This should be a basement, storm cellar or an interior room on the lowest floor with no windows.
  • Practice periodic tornado drills so that everyone knows what to do if a tornado is approaching.
  • Prepare for high winds by removing diseased and damaged limbs from trees.
  • Move or secure lawn furniture, trash cans, hanging plants or anything else that can be picked up by the wind and become a projectile.
  • Watch for tornado danger signs: Dark, often greenish clouds; Wall cloud—an isolated lowering of the base of a thunderstorm; Cloud of debris; Roaring noise.

For more information, click here.


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