Remembering Cocoanut Grove

Courtesy: Boston Public Library

Our friends at WCVB have a startling photo gallery up about the Cocoanut Grove fire, 70 years ago this year. This was the second costliest nightclub fire in the U.S. in terms of lives: 492 died that night.

The report from the Boston Fire Department mentions some, not all of what the Metropolitian Red Cross did in Boston.

Stretcher bearers, made up of Red Cross workers, other civilians and service men, remained throughout the night performing their functions efficiently. Nearby holds provided blankets and extra supplies required in the care of victims. Neighboring buildings were opened and the owners or occupants made available every facility for the sheltering of those affected by or serving at the fire. Military police aided local police in countless ways.


One Response

  1. Such a tragic event. I remember writing a story about a Watertown firefighter who rescued people from the building that night.

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