Helping Hollywood with their ‘natural’ disasters

Here at the American Red Cross of Eastern Massachusetts we often apply our endless knowledge of being prepared for everything around us.  In this spirit I bring to you “Hollywood, Are You Red Cross Ready?” Here are the good, the bad, and the cheesey natural disaster movies that we critiqued to see what the characters would have done if they were really Red Cross Ready.

Dante’s Peak

Here, Pierce Brosnan and company set off on a perilous action-packed race against time to save some kids trying to save grandma from what appears to be quite a serious volcanic erruption. 

If the characters has known any Red Cross safety tips, they definitely would have done a few things different:

  • Foremost I just want to say…YOU DON’T ASCEND A VOLCANO WHEN ITS ERRUPTING!
  • Hot ash is very damaging to the eyes, the skin and most importantly the lungs. Wearing longsleeves, goggles, and a dust mask/wet cloth over your nose and mouth is essential when dealing with a volcanic erruption.
  • Never try to brave a river or stream when their is a volcanic erruption; mudflows can form very easily. 


As we see during this artful masterpeice of geological accuracy an earthquake strikes a city and everyone seems to do the worst thing possible when the earthquake hits.

For one please refrain from dirt bike jumps when an earthquake hits! If you are outside the best thing to do is find a clear area and lay on the ground.

  • A couple decides to roll under a car, which doesn’t seem to be a horrible idea actually, except if the car is flipped or there are downed powerlines.  The Red Cross suggests that you get in the car, buckle up, and wait out the shaking.
  • Please, do not make the mistake these people do and get in an elevator when the earth is shaking around you.

Have other disaster movie suggestions that may not have the safest examples? Let us know!


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