Jarrid Diaz, communications intern at the American Red Cross

Hi! My name is Jarrid Diaz. I am 20 years old and I am from Everett. I graduated from Everett High School and now I am currently studying at Suffolk University pursuing a bachelor’s degree in both Global Business and Marketing. I am currently the intern for the communications department at the American Red Cross of Eastern Massachusetts.  I have a great passion for music, social change, and helping others for the greater good. 

Throughout the years I have been engaged with different communities and participated in many events that have given me life changing experiences.  During my high school years I was apart of a non-profit organization based out of Lynn and the North Shore called The Food Project.  Starting out as a young crew worker I quickly fell in love with the work I was doing.  I was not only growing and harvesting my own organic vegetables, but I was also given the opportunity to personally donate the food we grew to hunger relief organizations, food pantries, and soup kitchens throughout the North Shore.  I will never forget the first time I delivered my vegetables to someone in need, the smile on that person’s face was a reward that could never lose its value.  As the years went on I became more and more engaged with this organization and found myself advancing from a crew worker, to an intern, to an assistant crew leader in a short period of time.  I have both participated in and lead workshops that developed and sharpened the essential skills necessary to become a great leader. These work shops not only developed my public speaking, community outreach, and communication skills but also broke down stereotypes and helped me analyze the real world problems in society.   

Now I am honored to be a part of the American Red Cross.  Through this experience, I hope to develop a strong foundation of skills to help make a difference in the world we live in today.


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