One volunteer’s take on working with the Red Cross: ‘Just do it and have fun with it.’


Karen Callwood is a Boston native who recently started volunteering in the Communications Department at the American Red Cross of Eastern Massachusetts. She found a posting online, advertising the need for volunteers and she decided to apply. Karen wanted to work for the Red Cross because she heard a lot of good things about the organization and knew it has a stellar reputation. She also wanted to get more experience in the communications and media field because that was what she studied when she was a student at Suffolk University.

Some of her duties at the Red Cross include, interviewing other volunteers and staff members, writing up personal profiles, and other tasks that involve social media. While she is here volunteering, Karen would like to improve on her writing skills, learn more about social media, and get a better understanding on how a large non-profit organization operates.

Even though she just started working here, she already knows she will enjoy being at the Red Cross. So far, one of the things she likes the most is the laid back environment and how friendly everyone is.

“There are a lot of interesting people here that you could learn a lot from,” she said.

Karen  has also volunteered at the Mr. Auburn Hospital in Cambridge and has worked at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York City. She also interned at two local television stations in the Boston area doing such things as production, editing, and camera work.

Her advice for anyone who wants to volunteer at the Red Cross is to “just do it and have fun with it.” She also goes on to mention that volunteering looks really good to potential employers on a resume.

When Karen is not volunteering at the American Red Cross, she is an avid runner and fiction writer.


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