Meet a member of the Board: Colonel Anthony ‘Kimo’ Schiavi

This blog post is authored by Karen Callwood, a volunteer with the American Red Cross of Eastern Massachusetts.

Colonel Anthony “Kimo” Schiavi is currently the Commander of the 102nd Intelligence Wing of the Massachusetts National Guard. He is also on the Board of Directors for the Cape Cod and Islands Chapter of the American Red Cross of Eastern Massachusetts. Kimo was born in Framingham and grew up in Holliston. He was stationed on Cape Cod by the military, where he has been since 1992.

On Aug. 1, Kimo will receive the title of Director of Operations for the Massachusetts Air National Guard and Executive Director of the Massachusetts Military Reservation. Although he will no longer have the title of Commander, he will still be working out of the base on Cape Cod.

The Colonel is known to everybody by his nickname and call sign “Kimo.” The name “Kimo” is not something he chose himself. Those who fly fighters in the Air Force are traditionally given call signs and handles, he said.

In the military, Colonel Schiavi has had a lot of exposure to the American Red Cross. He saw how the organization helped military service men in emergencies and other difficult situations. He also had exposure to the organization through its blood drives. When someone told him about the Boards of Directors’ position, he knew it would be a great opportunity.

He has seen first hand how the Red Cross helps the military overseas and calls the work the organization does “amazing.”


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