Red Cross dress code?

Is this your image of the American Red Cross?

My colleagues, well many of them, don’t have the business uniform of a shirt and a tie because they’re lifting cases of water, they’re at fire scenes, they’re at shelters. But we sometimes talk about what we look like.

This photo is a woman from our motor corps of 1941. Is this what we should look like?

*Note: The high boots did have a function beyond looking adorable: During the Molasses Flood of 1919, the riding boots the motor corps wore were ideal for wading through molasses to help first responders. Why the motor corps had boots for horse riding, I don’t know.


One Response

  1. The boots are cool but I think it’s perfectly fine for clean jeans, slacks and a collared shirt as ya’ll have to drop what ya’ll are doing to respond. I once responded to a chemical hazmat in Mansfield in a very springy business dress and heels and spent most of the time holding my dress down and trying not to trip and fall. Clean and professional appearance is perfectly fine! But maybe we should get those boots as there’s more then “molasses” out there!

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