Are you winterized?

Meteorologists are forecasting some pretty cold days ahead, and the American Red Cross wants you to be ready for the chill.

So – how does one prepare for a winter storm?

Dress the part: Layer some lightweight clothing and don some insulated boots. Remember – you’re never too cool to wear a jacket. Break out the parka, people.

Get your ride ready: You should avoid driving in inclement conditions, but a full gas tank will keep your car’s fuel line from freezing. Fill ‘er up.

Bundle up your home: Why pay for heat if it’s just going to creep out the window? Install storm windows or cover them with plastic to keep warm air in and cold air out.

Keep it clean: Make sure your chimney is cleaned out and maintained. Don’t forget to open the chute of you plan to make a fire.

Stock up on groceries: You never know if you’ll be snowed in or if power will be knocked out, so make sure you have enough water and food to last you a few days. Flashlights and batteries don’t hurt, either.

And if all else fails: Seek shelter. You can download the American Red Cross Hurricane App to find the shelter nearest you.


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