Planes, trains & automobiles – travel safely this Thanksgiving

For many out there, Thanksgiving means traveling to see family and consume vast amounts of food. No matter what your mode of transportation might be this year, we want you to arrive to your destination safely.

In you’re driving, that means:

  • Buckle up, slow down, and steer clear of libations.
  • Put the cell phone down. You can check your @RedCrossEastMA Twitter updates when you’re parked.
  • Don’t tailgate. Nobody wants to get that close to you on the road.
  • Pull over. If you’re on a long trip and are feeling sleepy – don’t risk it. Pull into a rest stop and take a snooze.

If you’re flying, busing or taking a train:

  • Bring on the hand sanitizer. Nothing is worse than that nasty cold that runs rampant during holiday travel.
  • Don’t sneeze on other people. Avoid coughing on them, too.
  • Bring your own pillows or blankets to keep cozy – and to protect from anything funky on your seat.

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