Deployed: Jonathan Goldfield talks sheltering

In his first day of deployment, Jonathan Goldfield spent 12-hours working at the Nassau Community College shelter yesterday, helping clients that range from those with special needs, elderly, folks requiring nursing attention and tired displaced residents whose homes have been rendered uninhabitable.

He said residents have been staying on two floors, which will be consolidated to one floor today.

“The goal is the make the main gym a streamlined dormitory,” he said. Once this is complete, the lower gym will be used exclusively for food services and entertainment resources – like toys, books and several donated TVs.

The lower gym

Goldfield said he hopes to leave the shelter better than he found it.

“This serves to remind me that even though these people are displaced, I am nonetheless a guest in their neighborhood,” he wrote. “It is my obligation as an ARC worker and as a guest to leave this place, as I would a campground, in better shape than I found it.”


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  1. […] Shelter work continues for Jonathan Goldfield, who is now pulling 12 ½ hour shifts at the Nassau Community College shelter. […]

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