Winter is coming – Are you ready?

Winter weather is about to arrive. For some, that could mean a snow day here and there. For others, it could mean trucking it to work through a wintry wonderland.

Whether you’re home or out and about, there are some simple ways to prepare for winter’s worst.

  • Get a shovel: Keep it at home for the driveway or store it in your car to dig yourself out of a serious snow fall. Remember – a sturdy shovel is a perfect shovel.
  • Ice melt: So neither you nor the mail carrier takes a spill on the walkway or driveway.
  • Dust off your winter gear: Jacket, check. Hat, check. Mittens, check.
  • Get your groceries: In New England, a forecast calling for 2 inches of snow could easily morph into a blizzard. Stop at the grocery store for the basics so you’re not stuck eating a jar of olives should you get snowed in.
  • Light it up: Lit candles can get dangerous in the house. Have some flashlights on hand if the power goes out. And even if doesn’t, you have a cool tool to help you tell ghost stories. Win-win situation, right?

And if all else fails, check in with @RedCrossEastMA. We’ll lead you in the right direction.


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