Shovel, salt, repeat

Snow – it’s so pretty when it falls, isn’t it? It morphs neighborhoods into serene winter wonderlands where snowmen and icicles come to life.

But at some point, you need to leave your home. All that white stuff blocks your car in, or hinders the mail carrier from delivering love letters to your door. And suddenly that dreamy winter wonderland has become kind of a downer.

If you have to shovel, take a few pointers from us before you venture outdoors:

  • Bundle up in loose layers. Maybe throw a hand warmer in one of those gloves.
  • Bad back? Achy knees? Think about your physical condition before you get too crazy. Ask for help if you need it, and be sure to help out neighbors, too.
  • Be sure to stretch. Take lots of water breaks. Remember: lift with the legs.
  • Pour salt or sand wherever you have shoveled to avoid slips.
  • When you go back inside, don’t lay wet clothes on heating sources. Just don’t do it.

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