Red Cross Youth Does It Again

With momentum picking up behind the Measles & Rubella Initiative, the Red Cross Youth Program has provided exemplary support and motivation regarding the cause.

Since the Measles & Rubella Initiative began in Africa in 2001, the Red Cross and its associated Initiative partners have helped to vaccinate one billion children in more than 80 developing countries. This initiative creates and raises funding in order to have the ability and tools necessary to conduct mass vaccination campaigns, improve routine immunization services and establish effective disease surveillance.

Volunteers tap into resources such as mass media, rallies, door-to-door visits and educational entertainment to reach families who do not have access to routine health services, whether they live in distant villages or urban settlements as an attempt to educate and gather people to receive vaccination.

Youth volunteers have been inspired by the Measles & Rubella Initiative to sell Measles Pins. All the proceeds will go towards vaccinations for these third world countries.

Spread the word and maybe you could be the reason an entire village was spared from the contagious disease because of their vaccination.

Please contact Shawna Dias at with any questions or concerns regarding ways to help.


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