Red Cross loves its partners in disaster response

When a Red Cross shelter is set up during an emergency, we are calling on people from all over our area with specialties in many areas. And sometimes, those folks aren’t even part of the Red Cross.

Sue DagesseTake Sue Dagesse. She’s the kitchen manager from the Plymouth School department who ended up serving meals for both people and their animals at Plymouth South High School when the recent blizzard hit. There in a Red Cross shelter, she was excitedly talking about how she had to move her kitchen and staff to get ready for the influx of shelter guests.

But there were so many others. The Disaster Animal Response Team of Cape Cod and The State of Massachusetts Animal Response Team helped with those who needed a warm place for their furrier family members. The Northeastern University School of Nursing and Boston Cares sent volunteers. National Guardsmen helped transport people to shelters and then when it was all over, helped take the shelters down.

And the Medical Reserve Corps made sure there were medical staff at our shelters. Meet Marilyn Cipolla, a nurse with the medical reserve corps who served in the Weymouth Red Cross shelter on the Sunday after the blizzard.


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