Marathon training doesn’t stop for snow

With the 2013 B.A.A. Boston Marathon just around the corner, runners are out in full force – tackling their long runs and then tapering off before the big day. And training doesn’t stop just because of the snow.

The Boston Athletic Association has tips for runners training in winter, and they include:

  • Dress in layers without over-dressing, as your body temperature will become 15-20 degrees warmer as you start to run.
  • Wear reflective clothing, especially at night.
  • Don’t push it – control your need for speed and listen to your muscles.
  • Stay hydrated.
  • Stay attentive to your post-run activities, as your body temperature will drop dramatically as soon as you stop running. Pour yourself some tea to maintain your body temperature, and change into dry clothes as soon as possible.

No matter what the elements are, it’s always important for runners to stay aware. One of our top fundraisers on Team Red Cross,

Deborah Spirio

Deborah Spirio

Deborah Spirio, recently took a spill in Newton during a run: she caught the edge of the sidewalk and fell on her face. Fortunately, Spirio didn’t suffer any major injuries, but she does warn runners to stay alert.

“My tip for runners? Just be aware. Be careful and aware,” Spirio said.

Another tip she offers? Keeping a debit card on you – it helped her grab a cab after the accident.


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