Red Cross Meetup with volunteers and public Thursday

Every three months we’ve been hosting a meetup of our Red Cross volunteers and members of the public, and the next one is scheduled for Thursday at Clarke’s at Faneuil Hall.

This is National Volunteer Week, and we thought it was a great time to bring together people to talk about why they volunteer with the Red Cross.

Over the past several days, we’ve seen time and again how amazing volunteers from all corners of our Red Cross have come into Boston to help shore up this community. I’ve watched Red Crossers head into tough situations to make sure first responders have food and water; do mental health check-ins in public places or at vigils, and continue to spend hours on the phone making sure needs are met for house fires.

Our Red Cross chapter has been doing these quarterly meetups for a while, and we’d been calling them “Flirting with Disaster” – the idea being that you don’t have to make a commitment to the Red Cross, you can just flirt with the idea of volunteering with us.

After the events at the Boston Marathon finish line, and Cambridge, and Watertown, that phrase didn’t seem quite right. In honor of National Volunteer Week and the tremendous support that volunteers have given the Red Cross and our community, we’re now calling it “Hope for Boston” in part because that’s exactly what these volunteers are seeing.

So, no donation, just a few dozen of my friends from the Red Cross meeting up to share stories about why they volunteer. Perhaps you’ll join us?

–Kat Powers


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