Martha’s Vineyard prepares for anything

Martha’s Vineyard, a small island south of Cape Cod, is a popular destination for many New Englanders during the summer.  But what many people who don’t live there may not know is the potential for disaster if a hurricane or blizzard hits the island.  While many of the island’s residents don’t expect they’ll be seriously affected by a hurricane or blizzard, it is essential to be prepared for the worst.

Just a few weeks ago, all of the vineyard’s disaster services organizations came together for their first disaster drill, which local blogger Local blogger Susanna J. Sturgis wrote about.  Organizations that participated in the drill included the American Red Cross, the Medical Reserve Corps, the Salvation Army, the Boy Scouts, and the recently instituted Martha’s Vineyard Disaster Animal Rescue Team (MV DART).

After disasters like Hurricane Katrina, we learned that disaster plans have to account not just for people, but also for their pets.  That is why this new organization, MV DART, was formed, so that people as well as their pets could take shelter in the event of a disaster.  MV DART is ready to assist injured or sick pets as well as their anxious owners.  The drill was a success, and to conclude, a delicious pasta and meatball lunch was served to applaud the efforts of all the participants.


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