Mother Nature expected to bring the thunder today – Get prepared

The National Weather Service is forecasting severe thunderstorms, heavy wind gusts and hail in some parts of the state later. You ready?


  • Pick a safe, windowless place in your home to hide out should a thunderstorm get a little crazy.
  • Want to protect your yard? Trim trees and shrubbery to make them more wind resistant.
  • Be sure to protect your pets.
  • Keep a flashlight on hand. Don’t forget the batteries.
  • Put together a preparedness kit that includes things like water, a multipurpose tool and food.


  • Stay tuned to weather news.
  • Take shelter in a tough building or car, and make sure the windows are closed.
  • Avoid using electrical equipment. Stick to battery-powered devices.
  • Stuck outside? Stay away from bleachers. Actually, just stay away from metal objects altogether.


  • Resist the urge to drive through deep water. You never know how deep it is. Better safe than sorry, eh?
  • Help people who may require special assistance, like elderly folks or children.
  • Steer clear of downed power lines and report them immediately.

If you’re struck by lightning:

  • Call 911
  • If the person has stopped breathing, call 9-1-1 and begin CPR. If the person is breathing normally, look for other possible injuries and care for them as necessary. People who have been struck by lightning do not retain an electrical charge and can be handled safely.

Most importantly:

Let people know you’re safe! Call loved ones, or register at Safe and Well.


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