Communications Department Welcomes New Interns

Today we welcomed three new interns to the Communications Department here at the American Red Cross of Eastern Massachusetts.  Meet Briana Ford, Kaylia Green, and Rautchy Polanco. We are so glad to have them on board!


My name is Briana Ford but everyone calls me Bri. I am a high school student in Boston. I decided to work here because I want to help people and support them during the disasters they face as best as possible. I am a cheerleader and dancer, I try my best to be an honor roll student, and I am extremely goofy and friendly.






My name is Kaylia Green but you can call me Kaykay. I am a high school student in Boston. I am originally from Miami, Florida but have been living in Boston for one year. The program that I am in is Boston PIC. I am happy that I have the opportunity to be a part of the Red Cross because I enjoy helping people and I want to make a difference.






My name is Rautchy Polanco. I am interested in writing and updating current events. I believe helping our community is important for us today as well as for creating a better future. Writing blogs and news stories lets people know about the problems facing our community each day. Working in media as well as writing blogs and articles are some of my greatest aspirations, and interning at the Red Cross will give me the ability to gain more experience and skills.


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