The new TV-movie Sharknado that aired on Thursday July 11th, 2013 on Syfy television network has gotten extremely interesting feedback from Social Medias nationwide; Such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and etc. We all know that a tornado can occur at any given time once it’s storm season, but it isn’t possible for sharks (I Repeat) Sharks to take part into such a horrifying event. Or is it?
Who’s ever heard of the term “Sharknado”? Well to give you a quick fun fact, a Sharknado is a tornado that sucks up hundreds of sharks in the mist of everything. It’s a tornado full of sharks falling from the sky! How cool does that sound?
Tornadoes can be very dangerous and I mean VERY dangerous. You could lose almost everything! Tornadoes can lift up a vehicle and launch it up to 100feet. Lighting is quite common during tornadoes as well. Something that could be common near ocean areas is a shark’s biggest dream which is falling down from the sky, while deciding who’s going to be the best meal. This would be a “Sharknado” situation.
Sharks are very fast under water, they swim up to 60 (mph), and are capable of tremendous destruction with wind speeds up to 300 mph. Adult sharks on average are 13–17.1 ft long but female sharks are generally larger than males. Combining sharks with a tornado would be a complete nightmare. Tornado winds are greater than 40 (mph) and can have a damage path of 2.5 miles wide on the ground.
Sharknadoes are highly unexpected and rare to ever occur, but let’s not ignore the fact that sharks could actually get picked up and dropped off on people and their homes. This could be a big disaster for a person who is being targeted by a shark heading towards them at a 90 (mph) pace from the sky. Considering the fact that sharks weight over 47,000 pounds! Then again, you can try to turn this into the first tornado ride a shark has ever come across. The best place to be in a scenario like this would be in a shelter underground with metal or concrete walls. Make sure there are enough resources in the shelter.

The Resources you will need would be:
•small TV
•Cell phone with your most important contacts.
Those are all things that could come in use during a Sharknado. Keeping water from entering the shelter would be an important mission in order to survive. Water entering the shelter may cause you to drown. In case a tornado reaches you while you are still in your home, the safest procedure to do is to crouch down into a ball, put your hands over your head (holding your head tightly), and make sure your head is to your knees. If there is a giant shark coming from the sky, you may want to run! Run as fast as you can and don’t look back! If you want to save your life and also not be eaten that’s the best thing you can do. We may think that this whole Sharknado thing is one big joke and will never happen but you never know if hypothetically of course, a tornado can suck up hundreds of sharks. Tornadoes can suck up almost anything; Buildings, Cars, Houses, and even an 11,000 lbs elephant! I’m pretty sure it can suck up sharks. So think about it, Is a Sharknado really a joke?


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  1. So, will shark repellent work on sharknadoes? Can a shark swim upstream in a water spout?
    Troubling thoughts!
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