Disasters, Response and Recovery

Over the past few weeks, several states have been hit hard by major flooding, Red Crossers have been responding to these disasters, and families and communities have recovered from devastating disasters through the help of the American Red Cross.

Last Thursday, the states of Alabama, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Ohio experienced heavy rains causing major flooding in certain regions.  In each state, a Red Cross shelter was opened for residents in the affected areas.  North Carolina experienced new flooding as well as the possibility of landslides on Friday, prompting more evacuations.

For the past two weeks, the Red Cross has maintained a strong presence during the New York flooding.  As of last Friday, over 2,500 homes have been affected and the Red Cross has opened four shelters.  Red Crossers have continued to distribute relief items such as water, food, hygiene kits, mops, etc. as well as provide first aid, medical assessments, and emotional support.  Similarly, in Western Pennsylvania the Red Cross has responded to the flooding by opening two shelters and meeting with local partners and other disaster relief organizations to discuss the unmet needs of residents.

Past disasters like Superstorm Sandy seem like old news to many of us, yet months later many people are still displaced and experiencing the ill effects of her destruction.  Since Sandy hit, the American Red Cross has been helping during each stage of the recovery process, including helping families move back into permanent homes.  In one particular instance, which you can read about here, the Hensons, whose home was essentially destroyed after Sandy hit, were able to receive help from the Red Cross for their move to Missouri.  They said that without the help of the Red Cross they wouldn’t have been able to afford the move.

To stay informed about these and other disasters, please visit http://newsroom.redcross.org/.


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