Jini McClelland to continue with the Red Cross after term ends

Jini McClelland

Jini McClelland

Our friendly and devoted AmeriCorps volunteer Jini McClelland is about to end her term as a volunteer at the American Red Cross of Eastern Massachusetts. In my quick but enlightening interview, Jini states that her experience here has changed her and has given her an understanding and appreciation for giving back to the community.

McClelland’s role here at the Red Cross is Youth Outreach Coordinator. She manages and coordinates social media as an outreach aid. She has also planned fundraising and awareness events, provided disaster preparedness education to the youth of eastern Massachusetts, including CPR and fire safety trainings, and guided youth in community volunteer efforts through middle school, high school and even to University ARC clubs.

I asked Jini about her experience here at the Red Cross and she said that it was fantastic.

“I had an excellent AmeriCorps and American Red Cross experience. Everyone was friendly and eager to help my professional development, as well as help me acclimate to the American Red Cross corporate and social culture. I can truly say that I’ve also made several lifelong friendships here, staff and volunteer alike,” she said.

Working at the Red Cross has made her more aware of all the services the Red Cross provides, such as Youth Programs, Service to Armed Forces, and International Services. Jini also says that being at the Red Cross has improved her organizational and managerial skills.

Her next step is to continue to pursue her career in corporate event planning. She plans to continue to volunteer with the American Red Cross as much as she can. Also, she is going to continue her support of Youth Programs as well as look into volunteering with the Service to Armed Forces and International Services.

Jini has greatly served us here at the American Red Cross of Eastern Massachusetts and we value her dedication. We are grateful to have such a remarkable and talented individual at the Red Cross.

-Kaylia Green


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