Babysitting Courses Now 20% Off

Do you know how to calm a crying baby or how to handle a conflict between two children? Do you know what to do if a child has a tummy ache? If you are interested in learning how to keep a child entertained and having fun while maintaining a safe environment with enforced household rules, then look no further.  The Red Cross is currently offering a Babysitting Basics online course and a Babysitter’s Training classroom course.

From now until July 31, anyone who registers to take either of the Red Cross babysitting courses will receive a 20 percent discount on their training, regardless of when the course takes place.

Designed for students ages 11 and older, the course teaches babysitters how to:

  • Care for children and infants
  • Be a good leader and role model
  • Make good decisions and solve problems
  • Keep the children and the sitter safe
  • Handle emergencies such as injuries, illnesses and household accidents
  • Write resumes and interview for jobs.

Take advantage of this great offer and become a better babysitter by registering today!

– Bri Ford


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