Are you fully prepared for college?

You’ll need more than a few notebooks and a micro-fridge to be 100 percent ready for school. You’re basically a full-blown adult now, and it’s time to start getting prepared for anything. All the cool kids are doing it.

This list will help you become Red Cross Ready:

Fire extinguisher: No dorm room or first apartment is complete without one. Got a flame you can’t contain? Pull the pin, grab the handle and let it rip. Pick one up at Home Depot, Target, Walmart or other department stores.

Smoke detector: Disaster strikes at any time – even when you’re snoozing. Get a smoke detector  – it could save your life.

Flashlight: Who wants to be left in the dark? You can get one almost anywhere, and if your mom is anything like mine – you’ll probably find five as you’re unpacking.

Batteries: For said flashlight and smoke detector.

Bottled water: Who wants to leave their room for refreshment? You never know if a storm will keep you inside for long, so best to have bottle hydration at your disposal.

Non-perishable goods: As a college student, you probably have plenty ramen to go around. Keep some non-perishable food on hand to old you over during a storm.

Go bag: What if you have to run out of your building in the middle of the night? What if you couldn’t get back in? Prepare yourself a bag with all the necessities – eye glasses, medicine, personal documents: anything to hold you over for a few days.


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