Are you ready when the time comes?

Floods, fires, tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, and snow storms…oh my– Will you be ready when the time comes when one of these disasters hits your neighborhood? The American Red Cross is always ready and asks for your support to ensure that your neighborhood remains safe and ready when a disaster strikes.

In 2001, The American Red Cross launched a program called Ready When the Time Comes. The program recruits volunteers to receive specialized training as American Red Cross Disaster Volunteers. They are trained to respond to disasters so they can serve quickly and effectively in an emergency situation if need be. Shelter Operation Fundamentals and Damage Assessment training are two prime examples of some of the top training that a volunteer will receive in order to respond to any kind of disaster.

Since its inception, RWTC has gained more than 14,000 trained volunteers from more than 460 businesses and organizations in 54 cities. The program has been established in all critical disaster zones across the country. The American Red Cross has since partnered with Grainger which serves as the facilities maintenance supplier, and is the national founding sponsor of the Ready When the Time Comes program. This partnership was the recipient of the 2011 U.S. Chamber of Commerce Business Civic Leadership Center (BCLC) Best Partnership Award.

Why should your company get involved? What’s in it for you? Besides aligning your company’s name with a well recognized partnership with the American Red Cross, the other benefits include:

  •  An efficient turn-key way to involve your company and your employees in responding to critical local needs
  • Multiple and varied ways for people to be engaged in the community
  • Opportunity for employees to learn new knowledge and skills

In the event of a local large-scale disaster, the Red Cross can count on Ready When the Time Comes corporate partners to support their disaster response efforts.  Let us count you . Join us.


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