Red Cross relief gets interactive

Are you a SimCity player? Have you ever wanted to know what the Red Cross does and wondered how you can help in a disaster, but just don’t have the time? If you answered yes to any of these questions than the Red Cross has exciting news for you.

EA Sports, the makers of SimCity, and the American Red Cross’ 10 National Societies (Denmark, Finland, France, Germany Italy, Norway, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom and the United States) have teamed up together to bring you an interactive way to learn how the American Red Cross responds to and aides in national disasters.

As of September 17, the limited edition Red Cross set for the SimCity will became available for purchase in the SimCity store for only $9.99. The set includes a Red Cross Relief Center, tents for deployment, food and shelter, and Red Cross vehicles. The Red Cross vehicles travel all across the player’s city to promote disaster relief.

What is so wonderful about this set is that in the event of a disaster, like an earthquake for example, Red Cross tents will automatically pop up in the player’s city. This allows the Sims to receive aide at the Red Cross tents, each of which contains 10 Sims. Once the disaster is over the tents vacate and the 10 Sims are release back into the city. In addition, ambulances, fire trucks, and police cars are available to protect the city as well.

Eighty percent of the proceeds will go to the American Red Cross’ 10 National Societies So, even though you may be short on time, this is the perfect way to get involved with the American Red Cross. It’s interactive, fun, and your purchase can really make a difference in someone’s life after an occurrence of a disaster.

This opportunity is only available for a year but is included in the player’s city for the life of the game. Don’t miss out on this; it’s a great relief cause and its tons of fun to see what the American Red Cross does to help others.

–Erica Starke


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