Thankgiving with the Red Cross feeding manager



“Mr. Jack” Jack Kavanagh sent some photos from his deployment to Peoria.

The Brookline man is one of seven Massachusetts residents who volunteered to spend Thanksgiving not with their families, but helping those who were right in the path of a tornado outbreak earlier this month.

And lucky for us, he’s posting photos for those of us at home.

In the Peoria headquarters are (top photo) volunteers from all over helping out the Red Cross. Mr. Jack, as he is known, is second from right — he is a feeding manager who makes sure the helpers and those who are being helped are fed. He has been deployed all over the nation to help the Red Cross.

rco_blog_img_MrJackSecond photo includes Brian Sheehy and Charlie Vose enjoying Thanksgiving dinner with other Red Crossers. Sheehy’s specialty is logistics and Vose is there for an activity called “staffing” — making sure volunteers move in and out of headquarters as they’re needed.

The group had a quick phone call with another Massachusetts man on deployment — Luis Matnog, an international responder now assigned to the Philippines.

If you want to learn ways to spend your holidays with the Red Cross, there’s always help needed — in just Massachusetts this week the Red Cross of Massachusetts has responded to 17 house fires assisting 92 people. Check out the opportunities ready for you at RedCross.Org/MassachusettsVolunteer.


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