Red Crosser inspired to continue to serve


Holidays are often a time for us to slow down and appreciate the little gifts we have. For volunteer John Lawson, it’s affirmation he’s on the right track.

“Today was one of those days that reaffirm why I became a Red Cross Disaster services volunteer,” he posted on Facebook.

Lawson was called Monday to a fire scene (above), yet another one of the fires he’s been called to this month. He’s aware possessions were lost and nothing he can do can replace that. But he has training and other volunteers with him, so he can offer a place to stay, recovery funds for food and clothing – a tooth brush, a blanket, a shoulder.
“I can’t even imagine what they are going through. It tears my heart out to see them this way,” Lawson wrote of the tenants of the building. For hours the volunteers stayed to make sure everyone was taken care of, and were on the path to recovery. The neighbors pitched in, offering a dry place to sit, pasta for the first responders, and more came over with items for the kids and a few things to help the Norwood fire victims a way to get back on their feet.
“As we were about to leave, several of the residents we helped came over to me and wanted to give me a hug for helping them,” he wrote. “In my head, I wanted to hung them back and let them know they inspired me to keep doing what I am doing.”

rco_blog_img_JohnLawsonJohn Lawson is among thousands of volunteers at the American Red Cross of Massachusetts. He’ll run out to Norwood in the rain. Some spend Saturdays running groceries out to waiting cars at our food pantry. Some work in offices, some answer phone calls in their slippers, some are getting ready for the next big fire, blizzard, flood or hurricane.
The thanks you’ll get could be a hug at a fire scene, the thank you from a family facing hunger, or just the thank you from another volunteer you’re supporting. But there are many reasons to give thanks at the Red Cross this season – be you a donor or a volunteer. We’re grateful for your offer to serve.


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