My First Volunteer Assignment with the Red Cross – Revere Tornado

Post from guest blogger and Red Cross volunteer Dana Rosengard


My first Red Cross volunteer assignment is just a bunch of subway stops away from my home in Boston but in a city I do not think I have ever visited: Revere.  I brought phone power chord, camera battery-charger, and the cable to connect my camera to a computer, all things I usually leave home without. Four hours later I have a mental list building of things to bring next time. But the mechanics are forgotten when you start to meet and talk to the people we are helping. Yes they need our tarps and brooms. Yes they want our toothbrushes and soap. Mostly though, they need and want our ears and our shoulders. Listening and letting them lean on us a bit is what seems most needed the day after this surprise tornado just outside Boston.  I want an official Red Cross vest and I need an official I.D. or badge of some sort but mostly I’m grateful to be of help and to now really be part of the American Red Cross team.

— Dana Rosengard, Red Cross volunteer and Advanced Public Affairs Team member


One Response

  1. Thanks for helping and being apart our great organization.
    Larry Skelton
    Bristol County DAT

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