Roll up your sleeves in Worcester today

Want to win a pair of Red Sox tickets? Join the American Red Cross of Massachusetts on today at a Blood Drive in our Worcester Chapter Office and you could be going to a game!

All donors will receive a coupon for a free lunch pack from Cumberland Farms.   Donors will also be registered to win a pair of Red Sox tickets and be honored as the Blood Donor of the Game!

Don’t miss your chance to win!  Walk-ins welcome.

Monday, May 5, 9AM-2PM

American Red Cross Chapter Office

2000 Century Drive, Worcester, MA

-Kristen Catanzano


Shop H&M, support the Red Cross

Our friends at H&M are hosting a special campaign just for us: a customer donation program.

Between now and May 18, customers can make a donation to the American Red Cross of Massachusetts when they shop at H&M. H&M will match all donations, and donors will receive a tax-deductible receipt.

Red Cross volunteers will participate in special store events to share information on disaster response and answer questions. Come see us!

  • May 14, 10 a.m.-1 p.m.
    H&M, 305 Washington St., Boston
  • May 15, 10 a.m.-1 p.m.
    H&M , 100 Newbury St., Boston
  • May 16, 10 a.m.-1 p.m.
    H&M, 100 Cambridge Side Place, Cambridge

Top Ten Valentine’s Day Tidbits from the Red Cross

Yes, it is back again- another Valentine’s Day for the books. If you’re like me (a complete procrastinator who also considers herself an extraordinary planner) you’re still struggling to think of that perfect gift for your special guy or girl. If you’re not like me and you’ve had the perfect restaurant, candies and romantic playlist picked out for weeks then you can get out of here. Just joking! Seal the deal on your already amazing plans or fill your open February 14 schedule with these “Top Ten Things to do with your Lover” ideas from the Red Cross (yes, I added with your lover).

Numbah 10

Who doesn’t love the selfless, sweet, caring guy who chooses to spend this special day donating his very own blood. You are touched by his compassionate soul and follow his lead. Now stick around and grab some cookies or head to that chocolate shop down the street to get rid of that slight feeling of light-headedness.

Numbah 9

Maybe you’ve just stepped into the powdery fluff floating from the sky or realized you and your date both share the same love of lady synchronizing swimming but you feel the moment and some smooching happens. Be careful people. It is F-L-U season. To ensure safe kissing practices check up on these tips to stay flu free.

Numbah 8

Ok, so you chose to stay in, cozy up to the fire (who doesn’t have a fireplace in their Bostonian apartment) and sip hot coco with Mr. or Mrs. Valentine this year. It’s great, you’re really enjoying the nice quiet night but feel like something is missing. Two words- Digital Fundraisers. Let’s get some productivity in your night. Then go back to the coco.

Numbah 7

Valentine’s didn’t go as planned. Your blind date was a L7 weenie. You’re back at home reliving the reality of his choice of the dreaded Hawaiian shirt and the seventh call with his mom when you just really need something besides your glass of chardonnay to turn that mood around. DING DING DING! Donate some of that money you would have spent on your second bottle of 2 buck chuck to the Red Cross (maybe more than 2 bucks though c’mon now).

Numbah 6

Dinner is on the table, Sinatra is asking luck to be a lady tonight, candles are lit and the door bell rings. Sparky leaps up out of his trance focused on the burnt t-bone you very kindly sacrificed an hour ago and brings the entire table down with him. Candles. On the ground. Flames. Date no more. Better luck next year in your new apartment. Don’t let this be your story by being prepared.

By the way, Sparky, #1 known dog name am I right?

Numbah 5

Let’s stray from the norm. No chocolates or fancy dinner reservations. You guys want to do something different. Why don’t you spend your day brushing up on your first aid and CPR skills in a Red Cross class? Now you not only have the certainty of your love for one another but you also know he won’t sit dumbfounded while the ring he masterfully baked into your slice of cake slips down your throat. Too graphic? Ya, take the class.

Numbah 4

Hit up the Red Cross store for a special Valentine Day gift. Nothing says I love you more than safety gear or a nice warm fleece… I’d take the fleece. They look comfy.

Numbah 3

Don’t let disaster strike on your special day. Hey, you didn’t know she was allergic to daisies or that this restaurant would make you feel like a piece of meat that’s on its eighth hour in the crock pot causing your pit stains to be on point. You didn’t have the foresight for that and that’s fine but you CAN be prepared for a different kind of disaster- a natural disaster.

Numbah 2

She’s the technological type. Always up to date on the newest ipod, ipad and every app to go with them. Impress her with the Red Cross app. Make her techy head spin with your intelligence and grace as you guide her through her very own first aid app.

Numbah 1

The couple who volunteers together stays together. It is just a known fact. Check up on volunteering opportunities around your local neighborhoods. Think about all the memories and experiences you can lovingly look back twenty years from now. Yes, volunteer = stay together. Forever.

Team Red Cross hits the pavement

While most of us spent Saturday watching the snowfall from our couches, Team Red Cross was out training hard.

From left, Dan Fitzgerald, Dave Miller, Chris Brazda, JP Gallagher, Melynda Gallagher, Branden Kornell, Jessie Cox, Armin Molavi and Rebecca Pacheco

From left, Dan Fitzgerald, Dave Miller, Chris Brazda, JP Gallagher, Melynda Gallagher, Branden Kornell, Jessie Cox, Armin Molavi and Rebecca Pacheco

Our runners started out at South End Athletic Company, ran over to Heartbreak Hill Running Company in Newton and back to the South End – a total of 15 miles on a cold Saturday morning. One runner, Jessie Cox, ran just days after giving blood!

Thank you to both stores for hosting the team.

Do you want to support our hardworking runners? Visit their fundraising pages and reward them with a donation.


Area groups step up for the Philippines

Members of Nhom Huong Thien present a check at the Northeastern chapter

Members of Nhom Huong Thien present a check at the Northeastern chapter

The devastation left by Typhoon Haiyan shocked and saddened the world. Donations have flooded in, and the desire to help has been made very clear.

Two local groups recently took it upon themselves to support the relief effort.

Last week, Medford’s Thang Long stopped by Cambridge with a check for more than $15,000 raised at an IBEW Local 103 gathering in Dorchester. A Vietnam native, Long previously sought refuge in the Philippines and felt compelled to give back after the typhoon.

Another group wanted to get involved, too.

Nhom Huong Thien, a Lynnfield group of individuals that gathers for friendship and support of people in their homelands, raised more than $2,000 for the Typhoon Relief effort, and brought the donation to our Northeast Chapter.

Thank you to everyone for your support. The effort in the Philippines continues.

Team Red Cross kicks off the season

rco_blog_img_TRCThis year’s Team Red Cross is ready to run.

Several members of the team got together at South End Athletic Company Tuesday night to get to know each other a little better, and meet team leaders Karen Teller, Dan Fitzgerald and Nicole Marcotte.

In coming weeks, the team will train together to prepare for the big day – when they run the 118th B.A.A. Boston Marathon® to raise money for Red Cross programs and services.


Meet the 2014 Team Red Cross!

Meet the 2014 Team Red Cross!

Thank you to South End Athletic Company for donating the space, and to Harpoon Brewery for its beer donation.

Feel good with Giving Tuesday

rco_blog_img_givingtuesGood afternoon, and welcome to #GivingTuesday – the charitable cousin of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. It’s a day for nonprofits across the country and around the world to shine – today, we get to thank YOU for being on our Red Cross team, and it’s an opportunity for YOU to participate in what is the equivalent of an online holiday party, complete with charitable actions that you can take.
Today, we will be highlighting four very distinct items from our Holiday Catalog to highlight a few areas of our work. Each item will get the spotlight for two hours, and in that time, we will tell little stories, share facts, and THANK YOU (with presents, of course) if you tell us you “purchased” that item through our Holiday Catalog (actually, if you just ask us for a present, you might get one…we’re in a cheery mood today).
Follow @RedCross on Twitter to see what items you can buy that will help someone else this holiday season.
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