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In early spring I began planning a trip to Martha’s Vineyard with a few of my nearest and dearest. We usually take a weekend or so each summer to spend some time on the isle but this summer we decided to up our game and hang for a full week. We’ll take any reason to head to MV but this trip was deemed very necessary on account of a few pals cross country moves looming ahead (they have since then moved and I’m still traumatized).  In honor of Red Cross vacation month I’m going to break down how you can plan and be prepared for your very own friendcation.


We were planning for optimal sun time regardless of whether it be while lounging on the beach or running amuck through the streets of downtown Oak Bluffs so a good sunscreen was a must. I suggest packing a broad-spectrum sunscreen with a protection factor of at least 15. Make sure to apply and reapply over your entire body especially during prime time sun hours between 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM. Apparently, people get sunburns on their feet these days which I have never experienced/never want to experience so when I say all over your body I mean all over. A good pair of sunglasses is also key. One of our first stops after we stumbled off the ferry was to the sun-glass shack. Grab something with UV protection and that will force people to do a double take because you look so beauteous. While you’re soaking up the sun don’t forget to keep hydrated. Supplement that mudslide with a water or two. For those who decide to not heed my advice (and undoubtedly encounter some kind of crisis as a consequence) make sure to at least have downloaded the Red Cross first aid app on your smartphone before jet setting from reality.


Red Cross monitoring Red Sox victory

As the Red Sox won the first round of the World Series playoffs, the American Red Cross was staffing the Emergency Operations Center – just in case.

Within the Red Cross a corps of volunteers specialize in government relations in tense situations – a trained volunteer or staffer sits in the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency bunker in Framingham during storms like the Blizzard Nemo or Tropical Storm Irene. These volunteers are charged with getting information from government officials to help us respond – and to get information from the Red Cross to officials making public safety decisions.

During the Boston Marathon Bombing, these government liaison volunteers were key in getting information from the Medical Intelligence Center, from State Police and local law enforcement officials who helped the Red Cross respond to that disaster and keep our volunteers safe.
Without jinxing it, we’re preparing to open our Disaster Operations Center should a victory parade be scheduled for the city of Boston. Just as we did during the Boston Marathon, and for other large events, we make sure our headquarters can be up and running for a response within minutes. At the Red Cross we hope for the best and prepare for the worst – the worst being, in this case, a win in seven games.

Want to be one of our volunteers? Check out all the opportunities at RedCross.Org. Want to join in as we tweet the series? Find us at Twitter.com/RedCrossMA.

PHOTOS: Women Who Care 2013

Red CrossWhether or not you made it to yesterday’s Women Who Care – A Leadership Breakfast, you definitely don’t want to miss these photos. Check ‘em out on Flickr, but be sure to check back on Friday – we’ll have more posted!

Meet our new Twitter Jedi

Julie Cordeiro

Julie Cordeiro

Have you met Julie Cordeiro yet? Maybe you’ve seen her work. Or heard her on a Dropkick Murphy’s album, even?

She’s a local photojournalist who has recently joined our team of Twitter Jedi, and we’re pretty pumped about it.

Cordeiro received her Bachelors degree in photojournalism in 2002, and then her Masters in 2012 – both from Boston University. She currently works at the BU School of Management, and owns Julie Cordeiro Photography.

She was the Red Sox team photographer for the 2002-2007 seasons, and actually owns two World Series rings. She’s even credited on the Dropkick Murphy’s album “The Warriors Code” for lending her vocals to the track “Tessie.”

When she’s not volunteering with the Red Cross, Boston Cares or the Medical Response Corps, she likes to travel, read, knit baby garb, tackle jigsaw puzzles, check out a broadway musical and trace her family tree.

She’ll be tweeting under @RedCrossEastMA, but also under @JulieCordeiro. Follow both just to be safe.

The Newest Numbers on Sandy

Superstorm Sandy is the largest U.S. response by the Red Cross in over five years. Efforts to restore destroyed areas have gone on for months longer that most relief efforts we’ve seen in the past.

So far Red Crossers have:

  • Served more than 13 million meals and snacks
  • Handed out more than 7 million relief items
  • Provided more than 112,000 health services and emotional support contacts

So far, the Red Cross has spent or made commitments to spend about $145 million. This amount is over half the money raised for Sandy. The Red Cross wants to spend the rest of the money as quickly and but as wisely as possible.

Disaster Relief mascot

The American Red Cross has a sense of humor.

Meet B. Ready Beaver, who has been set up with a staff card by Logistics (with Luis Matnog of Logistics, below).

New Photo
A form requesting felled trees has been submitted on the beaver’s behalf to help him rebuild his home, damaged in the recent blizzard. He’s been given a seat in the Disaster Operations Center.

And then there’s his group activity. We at the Red Cross like lots of forms and military-like abbreviations. I’m ER/PA — External Relations, Public Affairs. The beaver is LOG/DAM.

New volunteer rocks our tweetin’ world

Jessica Sabbey

Jessica Sabbey

Meet Jessica Sabbey – our newest volunteer/ Twitter ninja.

Sabbey is an Emmanuel College graduate who tweets up a storm. Volunteering is a big part of her life, as she also spends time at CCTV Cambridge serving as a member and an intern.

Sabbey loves taking pictures and video to document her daily happenings through social media, and will be engaging with you through @RedCrossEastMA. Follow us to get in on the fun.

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