Donate blood, help send cheer to a hero

Tiffany Blood Drive

Ladies of the Tiffany Circle — from left, Karen Teller, Rosalie Clough, Robyn Redfield with Chief Development Officer Valerie Navy-Daniels — are at Fenway Park today supporting heroes.

In Boston, heroes are rolling up their sleeves and giving blood. While they’re at Fenway Park, they can sign cards as part of our “Holiday Mail for Heroes” campaign. Sign a card thanking a member of the active military or a veteran for his or her service — it’s that easy.


Turkeys! Turkeys! Turkeys!

Over the course of three days, 214 volunteers and staff distributed about 175K pounds of food to almost 3000 families in the Red Cross Boston Food Pantry for Thanksgiving distribution, including about 12,000 bags of food and 2700 turkeys. About 825 of the families served had children in them.

On Saturday, 11/17/12 the pantry served a record number of 1440 families in the course of three hours.

Above, volunteers and staff who helped hand out all that food!

From our extended family of volunteers, donors and staff, Happy Thanksgiving!

An added thanks for supporting the troops

Caroline Markley, whose mom is a big time supporter of the American Red Cross, helped out our Holiday Mail for Heroes campaign by collecting 16 signed cards from her classmates.

Caroline was with American Red Cross of Eastern Massachusetts board member Cameron Markley (mom) and Faril Meistrell (grandmom) at Fenway Park for Sept. 11’s Day of Remembrance Blood Drive. The family was there with the Tiffany Circle, a society of women leaders who support the American Red Cross and were collecting signed holiday cards for servicemen.

Overhearing that it was Caroline’s birthday (she was born on THE Sept. 11), The Boston Red Sox’ Rob Winter offered her free tickets to the Wednesday night game.

Christmas cards for soldiers!

This is what 16,000 greeting cards look like.

Karen Teller, center, secured a donation of 16,000 greeting cards from Marian Heath Greeting Cards of Wareham, MA for the American Red Cross to use as part of the Holiday Mail for Heroes 2012 campaign.

Each year the American Red Cross provides assistance to more than 2 million service members and many of our nation’s 24 million veterans. We support military families, military and veterans hospitals and provide emergency communications across the globe. And once a year, we get the joy of delivering holiday cards to veterans, military families and active-duty service members at hospitals and installations around the world.

The cards and personal messages, sent by tens of thousands of Americans, provide a welcome “touch of home” for our troops during the holiday season.

Above: Teller and Rosalie Clough, left, are part of the Tiffany Circle of the Eastern Massachusetts Region. That’s a network of women who support disaster relief through donations to their local American Red Cross working with Red Cross staffer Nicole Marcotte, on the right.

Want to see them in action? The American Red Cross will be holding a blood drive, 6-noon, on Sept. 11 in Fenway Park. The ladies of the Tiffany Circle will be there asking if you’ll sign a card for someone serving away from home.


Food pantry volunteers for the Red Cross

Our food pantry is the biggest in New England — and we always need help. Among those out working there today are Nancy McCabe, Rosalie Clough, Marjorie Lack, Karen Teller and Nicole Marcotte.

In front are Allan Ordonez, a volunteer with the Food Project, and the fabulous Sharon Curry, a longtime staffer in the Boston pantry.

The Tiffany Circle has its charms

A lunch for the Tiffany Circle is coming up, and Nicole Marcotte is getting all charming.

The Tiffany bracelets with their charms are for the ladies of the Tiffany Circle, meeting next week with Melanie Sabelhaus, one of the founders and co-chairs of the society of influential women supporters of the American Red Cross (and quite the heavy hitter herself). Nicole Marcotte is the development officer making sure the right charms are bestowed upon the right Tiffany Circle supporters, who invest $10,000 annually in the American Red Cross of Eastern Massachusetts.


The name Tiffany and the $10,000 amount have historical precedent. The society is named for the beautiful Tiffany windows in the Board of Governors Hall at Red Cross national headquarters in Washington, D.C. These windows, produced by the Tiffany Studios, were commissioned by Red Cross President Mabel Boardman in 1917. As an act of reconciliation and hope, they were paid for with a $5,000 gift from the Women’s Relief Corps of the North and $5,000 from the United Daughters of the Confederacy of the South.

Each of the charms notes a year in the Tiffany Circle. It’s kinda cool when I meet one of these doctors, lawyers, financial advisors … really interesting folks, and note they are wearing the Red Cross charms on their Tiffany bracelets. They give a lot to support our mission, and while some volunteers wear Red Cross patches on their sleeves, check out the Red Crosses some are wearing under their sleeves.

Former First Lady Laura Bush inspires Tiffany Circle members during Leadership Summit


Former first lady Laura Bush addresses a room of American Red Cross Tiffany Circle members

Members of the American Red Cross of Eastern Massachusetts Tiffany Circle attended the sixth annual Women’s Leadership Summit in Washington, DC that celebrated the American Red Cross Tiffany Circle members who have raised more than $40 million for the Red Cross since 2007 and worked to further advance the power of women as a force for good.

“Attending the Annual Summit is similar to a ‘runners high’ for me,” said Karen Teller, Tiffany Circle Vice Chair, Eastern Massachusetts Region and Boston Marathon runner. “Hearing first hand what our American Red Cross is doing everyday around the nation and the world, reenergizes me to come back to Boston full of new ideas of ways to help in my local community. I am proud to be part of the American Red Cross.”

From Left: Françoise Bourdon, Gunjan Kedia, Karen Teller, Rosalie Clough, Gail McGovern (President, ARC), Robyn Redfield, and Geri Denterlein

The Tiffany Circle is a society of women leaders and philanthropists from 68 regions across the country who commit a minimum of $10,000 a year in support of Red Cross work. The yearly summit is an opportunity for members to share their best Red Cross practices, allowing others to implement these new ideas in their communities.Tiffany Circle members follow in the footsteps of a long line of women leaders who have helped the Red Cross serve the American public in times of war and peace with disaster assistance, blood collection, safety training and countless other community assistance services.

Highlights of the Summit included an inspiring keynote address by former First Lady, Mrs. Laura Bush; and featured speaker, Quebec’s First Lady, Michele Dionne, a Red Cross volunteer, who shared practical insights from her personal experiences. Award-winning country music star, Jo Dee Messina, entertained a delighted group.

Red Cross partners, Wells Fargo, Lifetime Television and Northern Trust generously sponsored Summit events.

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