Red Cross, Red Sox, City of Boston is winning comibination



Mohammad Matinnejad was our volunteer on duty last night in the Boston Emergency Operations Center, reporting he could see the game just fine!

While the Boston Red Sox were winning the World Series over the Cardinals, The American Red Cross was among many agencies with on-call staff in the Boston Emergency Operations Center. During large events — the Red Sox winning the world series counts — volunteers on are standby, just in case the worst happens.

Volunteers were on call during the Boston Marathon and were setting up the Disaster Operations Center at headquarters in Cambridge within minutes of the bombs going off.

You can join Mo and other volunteers on call for large events — and those who respond to house fires. Check out the opportunities at RedCross.Org.




Red Cross monitoring Red Sox victory

As the Red Sox won the first round of the World Series playoffs, the American Red Cross was staffing the Emergency Operations Center – just in case.

Within the Red Cross a corps of volunteers specialize in government relations in tense situations – a trained volunteer or staffer sits in the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency bunker in Framingham during storms like the Blizzard Nemo or Tropical Storm Irene. These volunteers are charged with getting information from government officials to help us respond – and to get information from the Red Cross to officials making public safety decisions.

During the Boston Marathon Bombing, these government liaison volunteers were key in getting information from the Medical Intelligence Center, from State Police and local law enforcement officials who helped the Red Cross respond to that disaster and keep our volunteers safe.
Without jinxing it, we’re preparing to open our Disaster Operations Center should a victory parade be scheduled for the city of Boston. Just as we did during the Boston Marathon, and for other large events, we make sure our headquarters can be up and running for a response within minutes. At the Red Cross we hope for the best and prepare for the worst – the worst being, in this case, a win in seven games.

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